Introduction Landwijzer

Landwijzer is a specialized Belgian training center for organic and biodynamic agriculture in Flanders,  the northern Dutch-speaking part of the country. For 25 years, we are offering a professional training course in organic and biodynamic farming for those who want to become professionally active in the organic sector. It’s a 2,5 years training path with weekly 1 day course and at least 2 days apprenticeship on experienced organic or biodynamic farms in the country. The final goal of the course is to make a complete bussines plan for a new project that will start after finishing the training or a conversion plan for an existing farm.

In addition, we organize courses that introduce people to the organic and agro-ecological sector, or offer the opportunity to deepen existing knowledge and experience for those who are already active in organic and biodynamic agriculture. Examples of this courses are Natural Beekeeping, Business-management, Future-oriented collaboration, …

Starting from a broad and in-depth vision of organic farming, we work on practice-oriented, experiential and reflective adult education. Moreover, we actively contribute to the development of new initiatives and knowledge networks in the Flemish organic and biodynamic agricultural sector.

Here you can see where our graduate students are active in the organic sector. The other pages of our website are in Dutch.